Jack Skellington

Ooooh, spooky! Jack Skellington knows how to creep minecrafters so keep Your eyes open! Th...
 Block count: 399
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OMG ... This Olaf is HUGE! I know people love him but I did not know You can love this cut...
 Block count: 2512
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Golden Freddy Fazbear

Can You believe I thought that Freddy Fazbear was a little cute with his nose , but ... we...
 Block count: 1397
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Ever felt scared in Minecraft? Well, if no then it's about time haha! This model isn't the...
 Block count: 612
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Christmas Olaf

I don't know about You but Olaf is more than ready the magical Christmastime! I suggest Yo...
 Block count: 972
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R2-D2 (Star Wars)

I do not know a lot about Star Wars but R2-D2 or Artoo-Detoo is a hero, I mean this little...
 Block count: 398
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Fear (Inside Out)

Have You seen the new movie Inside out? I have heard it is pretty funny. Now let me introd...
 Block count: 1429
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Dracula Nyan Cat

Look how cute this cat looks, the pink cheeks and little white teeth ... just makes me wa...
 Block count: 972
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Aaaaaww, isn't he adorable!? Everybody loves this cute little dog and he's the master of a...
 Block count: 356
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Michael Myers

Hold Your horses, because this thing right here may scare the hell out of You! Michael Mye...
 Block count: 546
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Master Chief (Halo)

Hooooly macaroni! If You've ever played any video games then You probably know who's stand...
 Block count: 1080
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Eiffel Tower Peace Symbol

This here is a little bit more serious matter, You all know what happened not a long time ...
 Block count: 291
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Mario Ghost

Look how cute Boo is here, although I believe he is trying to be scary - nice try! What's...
 Block count: 1101
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Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Now this pixel art of Jason is looking creepy ... like really creepy. I am seriously scare...
 Block count: 760
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Darth Vader

Do You like Star Wars? Cause if You do then here is a huge Darth Vader for You. And if I s...
 Block count: 1459
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Candy Corn

Cuteness overloaaaaaad! This little candy corn is originally made for Halloween but come o...
 Block count: 134
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