Santa Claus

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Author: NextJokeGaming
Block count: 270
Views: 1601

Ho Ho Ho!!! It is soon Christmas season...have You all been good this year? I really hope so... and so does this Santa here. Isn't he looking somehow fancy? It looks like he is about to dance and is it just me, or he actually looks a little bit slimmer than we're used to see him? To be honest, his black eyes are looking kind of creepy, am I right? This Santa is really making me feel like it is cold and snowy outside...hope he has the same effect on You when You are going to build him :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Black Wool 120
White Wool 78
Red Wool 72
Skill level 1
Object added 29 Oct 2015
Width 19
Height 22
Depth 1
Tags movie character, cartoon character, christmas, santa, pixel art, movie character, cartoon character, pixel art
Block Count 270
Object materials
Black Wool 120
White Wool 78
Red Wool 72
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