Rustic Market Stall

Every town needs a little market place. But the bigger the better of course. To start with...
 Block count: 153
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Tree Of Mages

Project Kanos strikes again. This time with something even more fascinating. Let me introd...
 Block count: 12385
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Fantasy Fontain

Gardens are life ... seriously, a little walk in a perfect garden can do miracles. And I l...
 Block count: 262
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Navy Cannon

We have to protect what is ours, am I right? It has been like this forever, this is why Yo...
 Block count: 40
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Quirky Small Medieval Marketplace

I love going to market, especially in summer because You can find so fun and weird stuff f...
 Block count: 872
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Water Slide with Pool

Weekend is around the corner and You're thinking about doing something memorable this time...
 Block count: 6724
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Modern Gazebo

Let me guess... You've got an ideal house for Yourself in Minecraft but there's that one t...
 Block count: 156
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Futuristic Modern Fountain

If You though fountains can't get any cooler and crazier then You were wrong. This fountai...
 Block count: 2672
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Castle Wall

Yayy, finally a suitable wall for Your castle! It could be a struggle sometimes to find a ...
 Block count: 435
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Flyover 1

If Your Minecraft is so developed that You already have huge roads there then I bet You ne...
 Block count: 1050
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Simple Medieval Castle Wall Gate

Already have a castle but missing an awesome wall gate? Or just searching for a great buil...
 Block count: 2802
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Archery Range

Should I start going to the archery range? I've heard that it is really fun and unique spo...
 Block count: 1817
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Arc de Triomphe

Paris is always a good idea and so is building any famous building from this city. This ti...
 Block count: 18790
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Castle Courtyard

If You have a castle in Your Minecraft and want to add a little something to it then how a...
 Block count: 21209
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Asian Archery Range

I should take up some new exercises that are fun to do. Isn't archery fun activity? I have...
 Block count: 2104
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Street Bookshop

How cool would it be if You were just wandering at the street and suddenly there was an aw...
 Block count: 457
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