Giant Brown Mushroom

Nope, You're not seeing hallucinations, it's really a mushroom. A giant brown mushroom in ...
 Block count: 435
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Giant Blue Mushroom 2

Don't You think mushrooms are a little underrated? Like... we always minecraft houses and ...
 Block count: 224
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Giant Blue Mushroom

It's raining mushrooms. Nope dude, I'm not even kidding right now. Hah, if You want to see...
 Block count: 435
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Flatworld Pavilion

They already have a cake served and everything... You better hurry up! This flatworld pavi...
 Block count: 941
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Castairian Garden Gazebo

Wondering what it would be like to own a fancy pavilion and drink Your afternoon tea like ...
 Block count: 2352
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Medieval Stone Fountain

Water is so my thing, anything that has to do with water, I love it immediately. This foun...
 Block count: 447
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Medieval Market Stall

If You have a market in Your Minecraft or You want to have it in the future then a market ...
 Block count: 60
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Tall Fir Tree

I wonder if this tree here is sharp, I mean Once a fir tree thorn stabbed me and it was pr...
 Block count: 127
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Small Fir Tree

This tiny fir tree doesn't do much for You if it's gonna stand there all by itself. It nee...
 Block count: 80
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Pavilion of Chancellor Mitchell

I didn't think pavilion can look like that - I love it so much! Just look how interesting ...
 Block count: 367
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Pavilion of Aldrakel

Now this is very unique and interesting pavilion here, don't You think so? I love the lone...
 Block count: 5721
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Medium Palm Tree

Ever thought of minecrafting a tree bundle? It may sound odd but it's actually a lot of fu...
 Block count: 165
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The Evil Throne

Believe it or not but few weeks ago I tried to draw the throne of evil, but sadly it did n...
 Block count: 4077
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Tea Pavilion at Palais Castaire

Tea or coffee? I am definitely gonna say tea although I like to do coffee more. But anyway...
 Block count: 6152
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Tea Pavilion at Castle Favorite Gardens

Do You have a castle and a garden? If You answered yes to that question then I think You c...
 Block count: 1686
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Small Palace Garden Pavilion

I wonder if this Pavilion would look good in just medieval times house garden? But if I li...
 Block count: 414
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