Hotel Garden Pavilion

What would You think if the hotel You've checken in has a pavilion like this in a backyard...
 Block count: 350
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Red Pavilion

If You are a person that needs something out of the box awesome and different then I am pr...
 Block count: 5489
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Tall Palm Tree

This is a pretty unique palm tree here, isn't it? But I really like how tall it is, it is ...
 Block count: 149
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Small Palm Tree

That must be the most adorable palm tree ever! So small and cute! Don't You think it would...
 Block count: 130
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Medium Fir Tree

This is pretty interesting Fir tree, it is small or medium as the name says. I bet the per...
 Block count: 104
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Coconut Palm Tree 3

That's some weird looking palm tree I must say. Reminds me more of some other tree rather ...
 Block count: 200
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Coconut Palm Tree 2

Mmm, coconuts... So fresh and yummi! If You'd like to enjoy some daily in Your Minecraft W...
 Block count: 100
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Coconut Palm Tree

Every little yard could use some green decorations. If bushes are too mainstream, try buil...
 Block count: 116
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Modern Crane

So, I was walking in downtown when a crane like this one here - enormous, big, scary and y...
 Block count: 1082
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Modern Pool and Deck

Before You decide about trying this model out or not, take a moment to think about it's op...
 Block count: 771
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Fantasy Small Orange Tree 2

Hey, boys and girls! Leave those fancy houses and confusing objects behind for a while and...
 Block count: 562
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Fantasy Purple Tree 2

Here's another remarkable build from alecvdh's fabulous tree collection. Who ever fancies ...
 Block count: 1084
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Fantasy Huge Tree 2

If small builds are not Your thing then welcome to the club. Here's a rather big and glori...
 Block count: 2357
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Fantasy Huge Orange Tree 3

OK, we've got a green tree, a purple tree but seems like there's missing something... I gu...
 Block count: 7469
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Fantasy Small Blue Tree 2

Thanks to alecvdh I can introduce You a really cool build from his tree pack collection. H...
 Block count: 383
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Fantasy Huge Orange Tree

What is Your favourite color? If it is orange then I am pretty sure You love this tree, ri...
 Block count: 2254
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