Combination Locked Door

Now this is what I call a safety box, except this is not a box, it is a door for a room. S...
 Block count: 247
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Industrial Furnace System

If You need a lot of gold bars then this is a machine for You! Just put some gold ore and ...
 Block count: 374
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Armor Display

There's nooo way You could miss that Minecraft model! It's an armor display, but not as us...
 Block count: 416
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Impossible Arrow Minigame

This is an Arrow mini game. If You like playing games then this game here is pretty cool a...
 Block count: 140
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Flower and Seed Generator

To freshen up Your fancy modern houses or just add some color to the streets, You obviousl...
 Block count: 225
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Armour Stand Swapper

Holy macaroni! It was about time for some new Minecraft stuff and now this armour stand sw...
 Block count: 113
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Fully Automatic Melon Farm

Ever owned a melon farm? But would You like to? Hah, that's incredible how everything is p...
 Block count: 118
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Chicken Farm 2

If You've already tried to build any Minecraft machines then You probably know that they'r...
 Block count: 152
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Auto Armour Station

This is a station where You can armour Yourself automatically. You just go and sit on the ...
 Block count: 342
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Slime Elevator

This is a jumpy slime elevator, it gets You to the highest, but if You're not fast enough ...
 Block count: 133
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OMG! I just drove that carousel and that was amaaaazing! How cool, You just go round and r...
 Block count: 779
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Brewing Station 3

This is another awesome version of a brewing station. What You'll have is a 3x3 square of ...
 Block count: 378
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Russian Roulette

Whooo! A real Russian Roulette Minigame in Minecraft - 50% chance of dying or surviving - ...
 Block count: 400
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Brewing Station 2

Another design for a brewing station, this time also from MrCrayfish! Although it requires...
 Block count: 157
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Brewing Station

Thanks to Mr. Crayfish we now have another amazing machine - a brewing station. Follow our...
 Block count: 106
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Vending Machine 1

Prepare lots of redstone, because You'll need them! This delicate machine works exactly li...
 Block count: 452
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