Industrial Furnace System

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Author: MrCrayfish
Block count: 374
Views: 6475

If You need a lot of gold bars then this is a machine for You! Just put some gold ore and coal into the chests, sit back and enjoy watching how this furnace cooks gold for You in a blink of an eye. So I really like this furnace, it looks really cool and modern. I love how the chests are moving around the rail and I just like to watch them.... it's not weird, right? Anyway, if You'd like have these furnaces then check out the blueprints and start digging. I promise this railway is pretty easy to build and it never stops working as long as You give it what it needs!
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Blocks you'll need:

Dirt 98
Grass 95
Hopper 65
Powered Rail 45
Oak Wood Plank 22
Furnace 16
Rail 14
Redstone Wire 6
Redstone Block 5
Chest 3
Redstone Torch 3
Redstone Comparator 2
Skill level 1
Object added 05 Nov 2015
Width 7
Height 6
Depth 15
Tags redstone, working mechanism, machine, industrial furnace system, working mechanism, industrial furnace system
Block Count 374
Object materials
Dirt 98
Grass 95
Powered Rail (Flat North-South, Active) 36
Hopper (Output Facing North, Disabled) 23
Oak Wood Plank 22
Hopper (Output Facing Down, Disabled) 16
Hopper (Output Facing East, Disabled) 12
Hopper (Output Facing West, Disabled) 12
Furnace (Facing East) 8
Furnace (Facing West) 8
Powered Rail (Flat West-East, Active) 6
Rail (curved; north and west) 5
Redstone Block 5
Chest (North) 3
Rail (curved; north and east) 3
Redstone Wire (Power:14) 2
Hopper (Output Facing South, Disabled) 2
Rail (sloped, ascending to south) 2
Redstone Wire (Power:15) 2
Redstone Wire (Power:0) 2
Powered Rail (Sloped, Ascending to the South, Active) 2
Rail (sloped, ascending to north) 2
Rail (curved; south and east) 2
Redstone Torch (on) (Facing North) 2
Redstone Comparator (Facing South, Unset, Unpowered ) 2
Powered Rail (Sloped, Ascending to the West, Active) 1
Redstone Torch (on) (Facing Up) 1
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