Charcoal Factory

Now if You have enough wood and You need to make charcoal out of it then this machine here...
 Block count: 57
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Cobblestone Generator

Build this and You'll never have to worry about finding cobblestone again! This is awesome...
 Block count: 32
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Automatic Wheat Farm

No, this can't be. I mean, seriously? It looks a bit harsh just locking a villager into th...
 Block count: 322
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Fish Farm

I love fishing, don't You? Going out early in the morning and just being with Your fish ho...
 Block count: 77
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Everybody needs music, am I right? This is why we have a Jukebox for You here. This jukebo...
 Block count: 163
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Chicken Cooker

Now is the time You can automatically cook all Your chicken! You'll never run out of food!...
 Block count: 401
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Armour Storage

Armour storages don't have to be plain and boring. This armour storage proves You that sto...
 Block count: 122
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Vending Machine

Look at this cute vending machine! It is pretty big, so You'll need a bigger room to stora...
 Block count: 62
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Smart Animal Cooker

This is a smart animal cooker and in order to have some meat from this machine, You need t...
 Block count: 200
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Item Transportation System

Have you ever wondered, how to transfer stuff deep from the mines to the ground, straight ...
 Block count: 349
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Item Storage with Hoppers

This is another cool redstone mechanism for storing Your items like a boss. No more going ...
 Block count: 292
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Secret Staircase Room

All the rich Minecraft players who have something to hide, this secret room should be perf...
 Block count: 108
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Semi-Automated Furnace

Now this machine here looks like a mini railway that gives You stuff. But actually You nee...
 Block count: 73
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Password Locked Door

For this password locked door You need to make up a password and storage Your diamonds or ...
 Block count: 105
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Password Locked Door 2

This password locked door is looking really cool. I'd like to have this in front of my hou...
 Block count: 379
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Mini Gambling Machine

This gambling machine is awesome. Can You imagine that You can literally own a gambling m...
 Block count: 530
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