Skype Logo

It's so easy to communicate with Your friends nowadays, no matter where they are. You just...
 Block count: 772
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Bottle of Enchanting

This item here is a Bottle of Enchanting. A bottle full of experiences. This pixel statue...
 Block count: 117
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Mooshroom Spawn Egg

This here is a Mushroom Spawn Egg - really beautiful red egg with grey and white spots on ...
 Block count: 192
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Now You should have them all - the diamond weapons, armor an arrow and finally bow. Ofcour...
 Block count: 70
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Internet Explorer Logo

Internet Explorer- our old friend who we always relied on back on the days when we had Win...
 Block count: 509
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Facebook Like Button

Do You Like Minecraft models? Do You Like blueprints of buildings? Do You Like new Minecra...
 Block count: 105
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Adidas Logo

Adidas Logo Statue would look just great in Your logo statue collection, don't You think? ...
 Block count: 1147
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Pepsi Logo

Imagine cold Pepsi with ice on a hot summer day... What could be better? If You love Peps...
 Block count: 1313
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Facebook Logo

Are You a fan of logos? Do You love spending time in Facebook? If the answer is yes for th...
 Block count: 450
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Youtube Logo

Ever dreamt of having Your own little Youtube, where You can collect all Your favourite Yo...
 Block count: 581
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Diamond Hoe

Another one of diamond tools. To be honest, I had played Minecraft for a week when I disco...
 Block count: 51
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Diamond Chestplate

What's a diamond helmet without the rest of the armor worth? You get an arrow to Your ches...
 Block count: 132
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Diamond Axe

Ofcourse a diamond axe - how could You build a statue of a pickaxe but not an axe. And You...
 Block count: 60
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Looks very similar to a shovel statue, especially if You want to build a stone shovel. But...
 Block count: 38
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Android Logo

This will be a perfect addition to Your logo statue collection, this green guy will be no...
 Block count: 1164
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Minecraft Logo

This could be over Your Minecraft worlds entrance - You know the one where You have all th...
 Block count: 1032
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