Happy New Year, dear minecrafters! This year is going to be a whole new paragraph in Your ...
 Block count: 524
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Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

There could never be enough of awesome basketball teams' logos, especially when we're talk...
 Block count: 763
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Miami Heat Logo

I know You like Miami but the reason for that is probably the Miami Heat, am I correct? No...
 Block count: 496
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Nike Swoosh Logo

Sport is cool and sport is a looot of fun! No doubt in that! And Nike is the one who has b...
 Block count: 235
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Golden State Warriors Logo

Go, Golden State Warriors! Whether You're a fan of basketball or this amazing team, the Go...
 Block count: 724
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LA Lakers Logo

Here's a shout out to LA Lakers for being such a great team! If You feel like this profess...
 Block count: 1401
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Chicago Bulls Logo

If You like basketball and especially Chicago Bulls then here is their logo for You. Thi...
 Block count: 1137
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Skullcandy Logo

It's time to add something fierce to Your probably-not-so-cool Minecraft logo collection! ...
 Block count: 555
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Gold Leggings

When You look at those golden leggings, don't they remind You some famous popstar's pants?...
 Block count: 112
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Gold Chestplate

Soooo cool You can have eeeveryhing golden in Minecraft! Leggings, helmet and even a chest...
 Block count: 132
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Gold Helmet

Let me guess... You like all the shiny things that are made of pricey material, huh? No ne...
 Block count: 90
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Gold Boots

Oh, who hasn't dreamed about having boots made of gold... Luckily now You can afford Yours...
 Block count: 86
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WWE Logo

If You're thinking about opening Your very own wrestling club or a sports club where minec...
 Block count: 2823
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Youtube Play Button Logo

Already got the Youtube Logo Statue? Next up You should try to build the Youtube Play Butt...
 Block count: 540
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Mojang Logo

I'm sure that not every minecrafter knows who created Minecraft. Are You one of them, too?...
 Block count: 5582
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Pokemon Logo

Did You know that You can find the blueprints for all the Pokemons from Grabcraft? Well, n...
 Block count: 1450
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