Autobot Logo

Listen up, all the Transformers' fans! Besides the Decepticons logo, You can also try buil...
 Block count: 798
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Decepticon Logo

Transformers are back and they are here to stay! If You're a fan of Transformers then You ...
 Block count: 834
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Borderlands Vault Insignia Logo

Is it the Borderlands logo or the Vault logo? Hah, it's the same! Did You know that the th...
 Block count: 785
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Superman Logo

He's always on time, always there when someone needs help. The Superman is the greatest of...
 Block count: 1033
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Apple Logo

Need an addition to Your logo collection or just a cool logo to build? An Apple Logo is de...
 Block count: 1028
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Giant Diamond Sword

A giant sword made of diamond? Can it get any better!? If You like swords or You're collec...
 Block count: 1341
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Assasins Creed Logo

As a gamer, I know that it's sometimes hard to understand how some people haven't heard ab...
 Block count: 901
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Reddit Logo

Reddit is awesome and so is its spunky logo. In my opinion, it looks a little bit like an...
 Block count: 860
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Sonic Screwdriver

If fictional tools make You excited and make Your heart beat faster then listen up- I've g...
 Block count: 362
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Nerd Cubed

Yes, You made it to the right place! Here You can get floorplans for this awesome Nerd Cub...
 Block count: 607
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Batman Logo

Na-na-na-na Batman! I just love the theme song of the Batman series! It doesn't matter how...
 Block count: 1960
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Fishing Rod

Do You agree that this huge Fishing Rod Statue looks almost like an actual fishing rod? We...
 Block count: 67
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If You like making Minecraft items and especially the statues then here's something for Yo...
 Block count: 212
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Redstone Torch

Redstone Torch Statue is a really goodlooking statue I must say! After finishing it, You w...
 Block count: 70
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Diamond Leggings

If You already have Diamond Boots Statue then You're definitely in the right place! Get Yo...
 Block count: 112
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Diamond Boots

Are You in a need of new shiny boots? Here they are - the fabulous Diamond boots! They're ...
 Block count: 86
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