Roman Temple 1

Besides all the medieval churches and other majestic buildings why not to try something fr...
 Block count: 2374
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Small Medieval Church

Don't You feel somewhat small around churches, or is it just me? Every time I look at a ch...
 Block count: 3848
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Greek Temple 1

Is it only me or this temple looks pretty realistic and somehow ... scary. Especially the ...
 Block count: 3894
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Viking Church

Get ready to go to church in viking style! You're facing a genuine viking church right now...
 Block count: 4111
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Dwarven Chapel

Building a little dwarven chapel never killed nobody. Well, at least I hope so. Anyways, i...
 Block count: 1168
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Arabic Desert Mosque

This is huuuge! A real arabic mosque that seems to be a pretty legit replica of an actual ...
 Block count: 3821
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Dwarf Style Church

Interested in building a church? You better get it in dwarf style! It's fun to build and e...
 Block count: 3072
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Medieval Church

Wow, what a build! That model just brought the definition of church to a whole new level. ...
 Block count: 2383
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Roman Temple

Wow! What an architecture! This model is pretty close to the real Roman temples that were ...
 Block count: 1262
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You can have as many malls and shiny houses in Your Minecraft city but as long as You're m...
 Block count: 1225
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Jungle Temple

Skip the part of building luxurious modern houses and go straight to creating glorious tem...
 Block count: 2712
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Greek temple

Wow... this temple is amazing, it looks so pure and calm. Have You ever been to Greek befo...
 Block count: 587
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Simple Church

Every town needs a church and so does Your town in Minecraft, too! Building a simple churc...
 Block count: 1327
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