Medieval Small Church

I love that this church here is called a small one although it is rather big and really be...
 Block count: 1320
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Desert Village Church

Wow ... for the first time in a long time I am literally speechless. Just look how beautif...
 Block count: 735
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Medieval World Church

Religion played a huge part back in these days. What could be a better way to represent it...
 Block count: 1657
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Medieval Colonial Church

Be ready to get an inspiration overdose cuz this minecrafter has done an amazing job! This...
 Block count: 2053
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Onion Dome Church

I am not sure how I feel about dome churches but I sure do like the onion like thing on th...
 Block count: 3736
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Wild West Church

Things are getting interesting. This here is a wild west church, am I know many of You kno...
 Block count: 847
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Simple Medieval Church

Well, big crowd probably won't fit there. But for small village and few people it would be...
 Block count: 1747
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Medieval Island Village Church

When was the last time You went to the church? Specifically to a church like this one here...
 Block count: 3979
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Age Of Empires Asian Monastery

A monastery is a building or complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and wor...
 Block count: 2793
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Medieval Place of Worship

So, I can't call this place a church? To be hones the interior of this building is exactly...
 Block count: 2751
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Detailed Medieval Church

Oh, now this is seriously detailed, I mean the grey stones are just fab and the roof is pr...
 Block count: 3021
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Odd Medieval Church

Now this here is a fancy church, just look at all of these details and how tall it is. I l...
 Block count: 3512
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Classy Medieval Church

This Medieval church here is so detailed and huge. I love the brown roof and the design, e...
 Block count: 1724
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Old Medieval Church

All churches doesn't have to be wide and roomy from the inside, am I right? The real churc...
 Block count: 2187
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Huge Middle Ages Church

If You have time and You like details then this Church here should be absolutely perfect f...
 Block count: 9407
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Middle Ages Church

Certainly the most important building back in the Middle Ages- a church. And if medieval t...
 Block count: 1537
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