Creeper Church

A green church ... I think I have seen it all now. I wonder what it would be like to visit...
 Block count: 5618
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Mediterranean Medieval Church

I don't know where, but I think I have seen a church like that in a movie or in a TV show....
 Block count: 1487
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Medieval Gothic Church

I am starting to love gothic buildings. Just look at this church here, isn't it beautiful?...
 Block count: 2653
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Fantasy Village Unfurnished Church

Have You ever wondered what would it be like to design a church? Well this one here is unf...
 Block count: 3690
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Fantasy Village Small Chapel

How lovely is that! It's actually one really special chapel cuz it does look way different...
 Block count: 529
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Fantasy Village Chapel

This author's fantasy style buildings are just unbelievable. They're so out of box and loo...
 Block count: 1376
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Medieval Borough Church

This is fantastic, I feel like I just wanna stare at this church here for hours straight. ...
 Block count: 2422
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Medieval Poor Chapel

This is it, I am going to build a whole town filled with poor buildings because they are j...
 Block count: 1543
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Medieval Kingdom Church

How often do You usually visit a church? If You do it often then I think You might like th...
 Block count: 5048
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Medieval Kingdom Chapel

You know what's the best part about this chapel? It's not modest and small from the inside...
 Block count: 1618
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Medieval Kingdom Cathedral

Have You ever been to a real big cathedral before? I've been to Russia and there are so ma...
 Block count: 34434
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Medieval Detailed Chapel

Beautiful. That's what this chapel is. One thing's for sure- You can see fine detailing fr...
 Block count: 1951
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Detailed Medieval Cathedral

Have I ever told You how much I love nature? And this cathedral here is so natural, just l...
 Block count: 5225
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Oakshire Village Church

I bet You have never seen a church like this one here. Usually churches are big, beautiful...
 Block count: 455
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The Church of Justice

The church of justice, I wonder why is it called like that? I bet everybody can feel great...
 Block count: 893
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Small Village Church

Thanks to Tiny_Spider we've got a nice collection of brick houses including this sweet chu...
 Block count: 1143
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