Fantasy Town Rich House 1

This here is the reason to be rich - a house as big as a palace filled with all kind of ar...
 Block count: 26744
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Tall Industrial Crane 2

So I heard You need a new crane? I am kidding, I didn't hear it but You are here, so let's...
 Block count: 1262
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Tall Industrial Crane

Crane - a tall machine used for moving heavy objects to make Your life easier and better -...
 Block count: 1104
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Harbor Crane

The crane You see here is perfect for harbor, as You can see from the name as it is specia...
 Block count: 6181
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Starcraft Supply Depo Closed

So this here is a building that houses all the goods, tools and accessories in Starcraft o...
 Block count: 108
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Starcraft Factory

Welcome all Starcraft players, You have found a pretty important piece from our database -...
 Block count: 825
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Small Industrial Crane

Well this crane here is looking rather interesting. Red and white colors always look good ...
 Block count: 332
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Starcraft Barracks

There is a rumor going on that Starcraft Barracks are ... special. Well the building in fr...
 Block count: 882
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Starcraft Supply Depo

Which one of You can play Starcraft? I am rather good at it but I am sure there are people...
 Block count: 256
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Fun Park Tent

I wonder what goes on in this tent here? It looks a bit mysterious and interesting. Since ...
 Block count: 4169
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Dark Kingdom Restaurant

You know what is the most important place after a long day at work? A restaurant ... to be...
 Block count: 3729
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Dark Kingdom Beacon

A warning signal for all of the ships, cars, people and even for enemies keeping them as f...
 Block count: 681
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Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

This is so much fun! Ferris wheels are the best really - it is so much fun, a little bit s...
 Block count: 1291
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Dark Kingdom Train Station

I like trains ... it is an old joke, I know but what I said is absolutely true. Trains are...
 Block count: 3736
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Dragon Kingdom Prison

This is a place You would not want to go ... a prison the middle of the Dragon Kingdom. We...
 Block count: 2284
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Dark Kingdom Windmill

Now this is what I call a serious Windmill, the Dark Kingdom knows what looks good. Look a...
 Block count: 1210
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