Modern Heavy Tank 3

How well do You know Your tanks? If You know plenty then You can tell that this tank here ...
 Block count: 298
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Modern Heavy Tank 2

Ah, the modern day tanks are beauty for the eye ... if they are just standing in my collec...
 Block count: 299
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Modern Heavy Tank

There are few reasons why You should build a heavy tank - they have way better armour prot...
 Block count: 293
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Australian Land Train

Now this is a long truck ... can You imagine being stuck behind it while driving Your car?...
 Block count: 550
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Mad Max War Rig Truck

Wow, this is an amazing truck. I don't think I have ever seen something like that before. ...
 Block count: 765
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Ballistic Missle Truck

The car here is for transporting missiles, as You can see from the name and maybe You can ...
 Block count: 403
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Suspension Railway

Have You ever seen this kind of suspension railway? Even more, have You ever been on board...
 Block count: 522
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Futuristic Tank

This tank here is exactly why wars should be banned. Just imagine the tank here in the mid...
 Block count: 395
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Futuristic Humvee 3

Humvee has always been a great car for off-road and also for the city streets but this Hum...
 Block count: 75
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Futuristic Humvee 2

How much of a Humvee fan are You? Maybe You even own a car or two? Well here is totally di...
 Block count: 121
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Futuristic Humvee 1

Do You like four-wheel-drive? If You do then I am pretty sure You like Humvee as well and ...
 Block count: 105
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Harbor Forklift

Moving heavy cargo has never been so easy ... well I am sure You know all about forklifts ...
 Block count: 910
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Starcraft Siege Tank

Tanks have always been scary and heavy vehicles but Siege tanks are even worse. It is a te...
 Block count: 283
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Modern Transit Bus 4

Is there anything better than driving around in a comfortable transit bus and seeing the w...
 Block count: 211
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Modern Transit Bus 3

Well this transit bus over here is looking rather good. The clean white colors are so beau...
 Block count: 227
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Modern Transit Bus 2

Well this modern bus here could fit a lot of passengers indeed. It is perfect for bigger c...
 Block count: 1236
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