1958 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible

I am pretty sure almost everyone knows this car here, right? I mean it has been in so many...
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VRC-40 in flight

The Rawhides is here again but this time it is literally flying. I wonder if the plane is ...
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Lockheed Model 10 Electra

A light airliner from the 1934 is here. Well as You can see it is twin-engine, all made of...
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1938 Dodge Airflow Tanker Truck

You can't miss a truck like this. It is huge and so colorful, I mean can You imagine a bri...
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VRC-30 folded wings

An aircraft like this is brilliant. Just imagine Yourself in ten years owning a lot of air...
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Bleriot 11

So this is the famous French aircraft that flew across the English Channel, huh? The first...
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1932 Stutz Town Car

Oh the cars in the 1900's. So colorful, beautiful, unique and gorgeous. The Stutz we have ...
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VRC-40 ver.2

Now this is seriously detailed, beautiful and so colorful plane. It makes me cry really, c...
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Cirrus SR22

Cirrus looks very cartoon like, don't You think so? Well in real life it is usually very s...
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The Wright Flyer Kitty Hawk

A cold December morning at Kitty Hawk ... I wonder how did that day go for Wilbur and Orvi...
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The Spirit Of Saint Louis

custom-built monoplane ... this is just amazing. I can imagine how hard it would be to bui...
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Fokker Dreidecker

Oh this plane here is really old. It was built during the first World War and believe it o...
 Block count: 148
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Beechcraft G185

Simple, elegant,unique, strong aircraft with a history ... The Beechcraft G185 is a pretty...
 Block count: 160
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1913 Marmon

A car owned by Marmon .... to be honest the car here is really interesting. It is pretty f...
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Bugatti Type 575C Atlantic

Well this car here is seriously unique one, one of a kind for sure. I mean just look at th...
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1936 Packard Announcer

I think I had a toy version of this car here when I was little. It was so fun to play arou...
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