Sailing Boat Ruins

I guess this ship once did not pay any attention to shallow water and got stuck. Now there...
 Block count: 412
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Medieval House 9 Ruins

Wouldn't it be amazing if You could find ruins like these and You would be the only one wh...
 Block count: 532
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Medieval Church Ruins

There is no more magical place than a church, it just feels so big. It feels like everythi...
 Block count: 5752
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Large Medieval House Ruins

I bet this place is haunted, I mean look at it, it looks really creepy and the fact that t...
 Block count: 4432
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Wooden Outside Kitchen Ruins

I'd like to have a kitchen outside, but well it is -20 degrees here, so ain't gonna happe...
 Block count: 205
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Wooden Hut Ruins

Am I the only person who likes to look for old houses that have been empty for ages alread...
 Block count: 180
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Stone Brick House Ruins

I bet this house was once a shop or something like that, because it is so small and cute. ...
 Block count: 260
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Stone Brick House 2 Ruins

Can You imagine walking in the woods with Your headphones in Your ears and suddenly You se...
 Block count: 890
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Old Grain Field

Do You like grain? I got to say that I kind of like it, but well ... chocolate is way bet...
 Block count: 407
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Medieval Windmill Ruins

I am a big fan of windmills, they are all just so awesome and they look so beautiful. But ...
 Block count: 1123
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Medieval Tower 2 Ruins

I bet this tower once was a gorgeous medieval towel full of good food and music. But well ...
 Block count: 976
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Medieval Tower 1 Ruins

We can only imagine what a majestic medieval tower it was a looong time ago... It's a bit ...
 Block count: 1662
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Medieval House 7 Ruins

These ruins here looks pretty cool, well they aren't very old too. The house itself was pr...
 Block count: 1344
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Medieval House 6 Ruins

I seriously love this house even if there are only ruins left, it is still beautiful. I l...
 Block count: 445
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Medieval House 5 Ruins

Now these ruins here look seriously old, just take a look inside. It is all covered in gra...
 Block count: 433
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Medieval House 4 Ruins

These ruins here are looking a bit different, am I right? I mean this house is pretty sma...
 Block count: 455
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