Modern Building Ruin 1

It's always exciting to try something that You might've never tried before. For example, m...
 Block count: 1275
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Fantasy Temple Ruin

Do You know what is the coolest building on earth? Yeah, ruins because it has history, it ...
 Block count: 9179
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Zombie Apocalypse Giant

Ever seen a zombie before? No? Here's one for You. A rather big one to scare You to death....
 Block count: 973
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Elven Ruin

Ruins are perfect! Imagine walking around and seeing a ruin like that ... I bet You'd want...
 Block count: 1191
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Zombie Apocalypse Plane Crash Site

Well there is one thing I don't ever want to see is a plane crash but well here we are no...
 Block count: 860
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Zombie Apocalypse Helicopter Rescue

Looks like something awful has happened in zombie apocalypse and someone has to be rescued...
 Block count: 740
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Zombie Apocalypse Gas Station

Have You ever thought what would You do if there was a zombie apocalypse? Well I have and ...
 Block count: 513
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Zombie Apocalypse Graveyard

Oh my Gosh... is that a real graveyard for zombies? I mean, can it get any creepier!? I gu...
 Block count: 843
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Zombie Apocalypse Falling Plane

Watch out! The plane is falling right towards You! That's what happens when zombies get ma...
 Block count: 134
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Zombie Apocalypse Building Ruin

Building ruins- the ultimate best place for zombies to hang around in. And here's one pret...
 Block count: 2577
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Jungle Temple Ruins

Imagine Yourself walking around in the hot jungle, looking at the sky, the birds, animals ...
 Block count: 1520
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Ruins of Valerion

I just ... I don't know what to say ... this Valerion is looking absolutely amazing. It is...
 Block count: 43860
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Medieval House 8 Ruins

These house ruins here must be seriously old. There isn't even a house left anymore, just ...
 Block count: 1910
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Large Medieval House 2 Ruins

This house was literally library when it wasn't so dilapidated, I mean just take a little ...
 Block count: 3625
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Small Wooden Bridge Ruins

This wooden bridge ruins here are pretty easy, am I right? I mean this bridge here was no ...
 Block count: 170
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Stone Brick House 3 Ruins

These ruins here are looking awesome to be honest, they remind me of horror house. And wel...
 Block count: 806
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