Marinha Grande Hut

A simple, small hut ... near the water? Well this is pretty good actually. It is like livi...
 Block count: 479
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Ribatejo House

Have You ever been to Portugal? Well as the name says this house is from there ... isn't i...
 Block count: 611
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Pistons Shop

It is simple to fall for that shop here because it looks lika a Piston just ten times bigg...
 Block count: 443
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Building Supplies Shop

Okay this is a really necessary shop, am I right? I mean Minecraft is all about building s...
 Block count: 390
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Abstract House 3

Well ... I think we have finally reached the future. It is year 3057 and these are the hou...
 Block count: 19603
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Small Farmer House

Well this is a very unique Farmer house we have here. It is so tall, there are so many col...
 Block count: 313
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Algarvian House

Algarvian houses are pretty famous, or is it just me? Well they are pretty often in the mo...
 Block count: 689
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Guadiana Valley House

Well this is a place I would love to live. A Guandia Valley ... can You imagine how beauti...
 Block count: 452
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Estremadura House

Interesting, we are having some interesting houses here, don't You think so? I have never ...
 Block count: 1049
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Lisbon Courtyard

This is something amazing, it is like a small town itself already and how wonderful it loo...
 Block count: 13722
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Alentejo House

So, a house with a small yard with a lot of crops and trees. This is the Alentejo house ev...
 Block count: 1022
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Western Town Saloon

Now this saloon here is huge! And it is so well hidden too, I mean the color of the saloon...
 Block count: 955
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Lone Tower House

Oh now this is the tower for me aka loner. Yeah, it looks so good! It is so tall, so the v...
 Block count: 341
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Riverwood Sawmill

A Sawmill straight from Riverwood. And since it is from Riverwood then it is good, a mill ...
 Block count: 1805
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Western Town Sheriff's Office

Now that house here is so important because we all know how crazy it can get in the Wester...
 Block count: 731
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Abstract House 2

Can I say Omg? That house is amazing, it is just breathtaking. I am absulutely sure there ...
 Block count: 8533
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