Oriental Steampunk House 2

I don't have any words ... the Steampunk house here is magnificent. It is one of the coole...
 Block count: 5262
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Oriental Steampunk House 1

Details, details, details, that is all that I can see really - it is so beautifully detail...
 Block count: 1993
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Christmas Gingerbread House 2

Oh my ... this house looks so delicious and You can live in there! To be honest I wouldn't...
 Block count: 3130
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Christmas Gingerbread House 1

It is the time for another month filled with cookies, delicious food, sweet music and nice...
 Block count: 4962
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Vintage Victorian Mansion 2

Well this is a gorgeous Mansion. I am going to live in there for sure, just imagine openin...
 Block count: 5672
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Unfurnished Steampunk House 2

Unfurnished house! You know, houses like this are the best because You can design them as ...
 Block count: 1709
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Steampunk Witch House

Witch houses are so interesting, don't You think so? I mean there are many types of witche...
 Block count: 1544
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Steampunk Blacksmith

Blacksmith! Oh the Blacksmiths are such interesting buildings. Check out this one here, it...
 Block count: 1921
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Vintage Victorian Mansion 1

Every time I see a Mansion like this I just think of huge parties, libraries or well place...
 Block count: 5552
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Classy European City Building

Oh wow, well this is classy indeed. It is a huge brick house and very beautiful one. When ...
 Block count: 3976
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Unfurnished Steampunk General Store

Steampunk general store! This is the best store You can go because it has everything and d...
 Block count: 1269
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Steampunk Saw Mill

I have seen a lot of saw mills but this one here is really unique. It is just so pretty an...
 Block count: 1701
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Simple Medieval Tower

Towers are so important ... they can play a lot of different roles in a village like keepi...
 Block count: 257
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Steampunk Windmill

I have seen plenty of windmills but those sails we have here are just amazing. They look l...
 Block count: 1203
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Steampunk Pub

Oh wow, this is such a great pub! I can already imagine it filled with all kind of people ...
 Block count: 3635
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Classic European City Building

So, how about having a little trip to Europe? I wouldn't mind seeing houses like this and ...
 Block count: 16753
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