Fantasy Fishing Village Center

A center for a fishing village, how cute is that? I am sure all of the people who love fis...
 Block count: 3690
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Fantasy Fishing Village House 1

A fishing village house, I did not know fishing houses would look so good. But well this i...
 Block count: 1593
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Priest's Rest Inn

Being a Priest has never been so good - imagine walking in this inn, sitting behind the fi...
 Block count: 9853
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Night Club Salty

Woah ... Night club ... more like a castle with huge windows and did You notice the roof w...
 Block count: 6085
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Kulak - Eastern European Farm

Now, now what do we have here - a beautiful farm straight from the Eastern Europe. I guess...
 Block count: 14257
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Adventurer's Guild

This is little something for all the world discoverers out there - an adventurer's guild. ...
 Block count: 2199
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Mini Castle

Well this is cute, a mini castle. I wonder if it is meant for Hobbits or dwarfs? That woul...
 Block count: 1769
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Medieval Steampunk Residential House 2

Well this Residential house here is rather colorful and interesting. To be honest Resident...
 Block count: 1373
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Medieval Steampunk Residential House 1

See this house here? People love Medieval houses, they really do. Well no wonder, just loo...
 Block count: 619
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Medieval Steampunk Barracks

Well since You are here then You might have some soldiers that need a house to live in. We...
 Block count: 3335
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Medieval Steampunk Apartment Building 2

Apartment building in the Medieval time ... this is someting new and pretty cool too actua...
 Block count: 5569
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Medieval Steampunk Apartment Building 1

Oh wow, an apartment building for the Medieval Steampunk town ... well this is looking rea...
 Block count: 11044
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Medieval Steampunk Gunsmith's House

Do You need small firearms? Or maybe You already have them but You need more, to repair th...
 Block count: 2466
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Rustic Medieval Town House 20

A Medieval town house just for You is ready to build! Well, to be honest You can desing it...
 Block count: 1096
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Rustic Medieval Butcher

Oooh this is a good place to go to buy some meat for Your family. The local butcher is alw...
 Block count: 995
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Rustic Medieval Farm House

How nice would it be to live in a farm house - at least in the summer when it is warm outs...
 Block count: 712
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