Tang Style Storage House

Houses built in the Tang style are all looking amazing but can You imagine that this house...
 Block count: 1874
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Tang Style Small Courtyard

Have You ever thought what it would be like to live in utter peace and beauty? Well in thi...
 Block count: 3442
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Small Unfurnished Modern House 1

Is it just me or every time I see a gorgeous Modern house I think how classy and beautiful...
 Block count: 4211
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Small Classic Bank Building

I am sure You have seen banks before, right? Today they are ... well like other houses and...
 Block count: 1905
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Modernist Villa

Can You say You love modernism? If You can then the house here is for You - certainly! The...
 Block count: 6054
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Medieval Grocery Store

You know what? I bet working in this grocery store would be a lot of fun! First of all, th...
 Block count: 1030
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Medieval Blacksmith Homestad

Well what do We have in here? A little blacksmith that is looking absolutely amazing and s...
 Block count: 885
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Fantasy Town Small House 2

Now this is a comfortable house to stay in. It would work really well as a tavern, don't Y...
 Block count: 1474
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Fantasy Town Rich House 5

So this is what rich houses look like, huh. Well it sure is big and there is so much free ...
 Block count: 5198
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Fantasy Town School

Sometimes Fantasy life is better ... who am I kidding, it is pretty much always better, mo...
 Block count: 6572
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Fantasy Town Rich House 1

This here is the reason to be rich - a house as big as a palace filled with all kind of ar...
 Block count: 26744
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Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

This is so much fun! Ferris wheels are the best really - it is so much fun, a little bit s...
 Block count: 1291
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Dark Kingdom Farm House 3

A farm house for Your Dark Kingdom is here ... well it is looking rather nice, huh. It is ...
 Block count: 209
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Dark Kingdom Farm House 2

Well this house here is looking rather nice, don't You think so? You know the best part? I...
 Block count: 349
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Dark Kingdom Farm House 1

Now this is a true farm house, a small, warm and cozy house. Imagine living in this little...
 Block count: 289
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Dark Kingdom Sweet Shop

Now this is something unexpected ... a sweet shop in the Dark Kingdom? I love it, perfect...
 Block count: 3427
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