Fictional Characters


DC Comics Red Robin

Now You may see the member of Batman family - Red Robin. Robins history is actually pretty...
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DC Comics Martian Manhunter

John Jones .... now this here is an unique and interesting superhero, as You can already s...
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DC Comics Green Lantern

You want to know the reason why I love the Green Lantern? Because green is my favourite co...
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Marvel Comics Venom

I see You have found one of the biggest fans of Spider-Man - Venom. The little statue of h...
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Marvel Comics Rhino

You know what? I need that Rhino suit. I mean Rhino has amazing powers, he can lift hundre...
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Marvel Comics Lizard

As a reptile scientist Dr Curtis Connors should know really well what it means to be a Liz...
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Marvel Comics Doctor Octopus

Oh I remember so well when I first saw Doctor Octopus ... I was so scared of him and he is...
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DC Comics Superman

You know the Superman, am I right? Of course You do, everybody knows him, this is just how...
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DC Comics Supergirl

A teenager Kara from the dying planet Krypton has been rocketed to Minecraft as a cute bl...
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DC Comics Flash

Imagine Your life as a person who is able to run at nearly light-speed. Life would be pret...
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DC Comics Batman

I am sure that Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time, don't You think s...
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Marvel Comics Captain America

Have You ever wonder what would happen if You would take a super soldier serum? Me neither...
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Marvel Comics Thor

Thor from the Marvel Comics ... this is like a dream come true. Being the little kid I am,...
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Marvel Comics SpiderMan New

Imagine being bitten by a radioactive spider ... I would be afraid to lose my life really ...
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Marvel Comics Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a strong, beautiful, interesting and a wonderful character. This Marvel comi...
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Marvel Comics Iron Man

Oooh what do we have here, a beautiful and even a little bit cute Iron Man. Tell me one pe...
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