Fictional Characters


Koopa Troopa

This Koopa Troopa has some huge eyes, am I right? Do You see his shell - it has a nice pat...
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This is Isaac from "The Binding of Isaac". I bet many girls like him, because he is so cut...
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Yoshi's large nose was the first thing that I noticed and of course his red boots! This st...
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Super Meat Boy

This guy here looks seriously happy, am i right? But isn't he supposed to be sad, beacuse ...
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Look at this cute blue Squirtle and how it is waving at You happily with a big smile on it...
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Look how detailed this happy Totodile is with his cute little tail and white teeth... He l...
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I am having trouble deciding which one is the cutest character from Pokémon, because this...
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Super Mario

Super Mario is finally here! This video game character is so popular that he's probably kn...
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Luigi. . . Mario's younger brother. I remember when I played Super Mario - the sweet child...
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I bet in some point in Your life You have thought about having Your own Pikachu. Build thi...
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