Famous Characters


KermitPlaysMinecraft Statue

Kermit who? KermitPlaysMinecraft! Haha, You know that guy! The statue of him speaks for it...
 Block count: 1007
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Deadlox Statue

I hope You like Deadlox, because this here is his statue. Look how cool he looks, especial...
 Block count: 1031
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SethBling Statue

Reminds me of a Super Mario but nope, it's a SethBling. I have mixed feelings about his mu...
 Block count: 1085
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ASFJerome Statue

Deep brown face and a dappled suit. Hmmmm, very interesting outfit I must say. The red tie...
 Block count: 1033
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Tobuscus Statue

Wooop! Tobuscus is here, let's greet him with a waaaarm hug! Or if You're shy then handsha...
 Block count: 993
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Bajan Canadian Statue

Haha, this guy looks funny! And the way he looks... he's so serious. What a mysterious guy...
 Block count: 1043
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TrueMU Statue

Big thanks to the creator of Youtube because otherwise we didn't have all those youtubers ...
 Block count: 1016
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AmyLee33 Statue

Don't You feel like You could make a pretty Youtuber lady for a change? She's absolutely g...
 Block count: 1106
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L for Lee Statue

Shout out for all the stunning Youtubers, You guys rock the world! Now take Your time to c...
 Block count: 1110
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iBallisticSquid Statue

Okay, this statue here is looking creepy as hell. It reminds me of a fish for some reason,...
 Block count: 992
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Diamond Miner Statue

I bet all minecraft players like diamonds, am I right? This is why we have here a very hap...
 Block count: 1041
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Kyrsp33dy Statue

If You don't want to concentrate on challenging Yourself with all the big and crazy statue...
 Block count: 1051
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Bodil40 Statue

This Minecraft Youtuber is such an inspiration! So cool You can now try to build this guy ...
 Block count: 1035
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Ssundee Statue

If You know what Minecraft is, then You're familiar with Ssundee as well. Remember when he...
 Block count: 978
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Blitzwinger Statue

Some of us call him the best Youtuber of all times... what an honor! A gamer like Blitzwin...
 Block count: 996
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LionMaker Studios Statue

Who is this big and furry kitty? It's the famous LionMaker! If You are a fan of Youtubers ...
 Block count: 1046
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