Cartoon Characters



Cuteness overload! You know exactly who's this lovely Pokemon with light green fur and dul...
 Block count: 876
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Look at this small blue eyed Charmander everybody, isn't he cute? He is cute, but also dan...
 Block count: 184
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Squirtle 2

The Squirtle looks like he is spying on somebody, so You better be quiet because if You me...
 Block count: 209
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He is always so cheerful and happy, but what happened to him here? He looks confused, even...
 Block count: 191
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Dry Bones

Here it is! One of the greatest enemies of Super Mario is ready to be a part of Minecraft....
 Block count: 275
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Look at this Link's cute big ears and his green suit. He even has his shield with him. Is ...
 Block count: 174
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Look at this cute blue Squirtle and how it is waving at You happily with a big smile on it...
 Block count: 751
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Look how detailed this happy Totodile is with his cute little tail and white teeth... He l...
 Block count: 760
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I am having trouble deciding which one is the cutest character from Pokémon, because this...
 Block count: 921
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Luigi. . . Mario's younger brother. I remember when I played Super Mario - the sweet child...
 Block count: 144
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I bet in some point in Your life You have thought about having Your own Pikachu. Build thi...
 Block count: 838
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