Cartoon Characters


Pokemon - Jolteon

Say Hi to this lovely Electric-type Pokemon! Jolteon is a charming cartoon character with ...
 Block count: 1204
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Rudolph Statue

Rudolph the red nose reindeer.... It is Christmas again in 11 months, let's celebrate it w...
 Block count: 1032
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Squirtle 3

Isn't this Squirtle here looking too cute to be true. Look how big he is and if You look ...
 Block count: 13928
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Pikachu 1

Oooh, who wouldn't love a short and chubby Pokemon like Pikachu!? He's absolutely adorable...
 Block count: 8748
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Wendy (Gravity Falls)

Ain't this girl cute? I want her orange hair for myself and her big owl eyes. Why is she a...
 Block count: 12337
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Bob the Minion

I love minions, they are so cute and stupid at the same time. They really know how to enjo...
 Block count: 6270
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Waddles the Pig (Gravity Falls)

Hah, this little piggy right here is obviously not an ordinary farm animal. He's smart, cl...
 Block count: 11342
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Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

I hope You like Gravity falls because this here is Mabel Pines in her whole glory. I got...
 Block count: 3998
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Charmander 1

Look how cute this little (big statue) Pokémon Charmander is looking. I love his orange b...
 Block count: 758
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Joy (Inside Out)

Sometimes all You need is a little bit of happiness and who can do this job better than Jo...
 Block count: 4143
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Jack O' Lantern

It's time to add some awesome builds to Your Halloween collection! Jack O'Lantern is a cre...
 Block count: 441
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Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Oh, Baymax looks so cute and fluffy here, I just wanna hug him. Look how calm he looks an...
 Block count: 962
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Jack Skellington

Ooooh, spooky! Jack Skellington knows how to creep minecrafters so keep Your eyes open! Th...
 Block count: 399
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OMG ... This Olaf is HUGE! I know people love him but I did not know You can love this cut...
 Block count: 2512
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Christmas Olaf

I don't know about You but Olaf is more than ready the magical Christmastime! I suggest Yo...
 Block count: 972
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Fear (Inside Out)

Have You seen the new movie Inside out? I have heard it is pretty funny. Now let me introd...
 Block count: 1429
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