Chinese Dragon

Minecrafting a dragon is always a good idea. Always. Especially when You can pick between ...
 Block count: 2727
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Heraldic Animal Statues

If fictional animals get Your heart beat up then it's time to try out those 3 beauties. Ho...
 Block count: 1213
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Medusa & Snake Statue

2 in 1 blueprints for two awesome Minecraft statues! If You love fictional animals or You ...
 Block count: 572
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T-Rex Sceleton

I guess there's a lot of You who have been waiting for this model for so long. It's finall...
 Block count: 1230
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Minecraft Chicken

First thing that popped into my head when I saw this funny chicken was the chicken song......
 Block count: 464
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Unicorn Statue

What a majestic creature! If You think of a fictional unicorn You probably imagine a fluff...
 Block count: 361
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Lion Statue

Who's the king of all the animals? Of course it's the lion! All the Minecraft animals woul...
 Block count: 220
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Dragon Statue

This is a complex Dragon Statue, but the outcome is superb! If You don't believe me, then ...
 Block count: 491
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Panda Statue

Look at this cute little panda and how he is standing there with a crooked smile on his fa...
 Block count: 1022
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Spider Statue

It doesn’t look scary at all, right? It is totally still, just standing there. . . Ok, who...
 Block count: 1284
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Raptor Statue

That one looks like a T-Rex with those tiny hands... Maybe T-Rex actually was a Raptor? N...
 Block count: 826
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Cow Statue

I used to see cows a lot when I was a kid - they were all black and white. But this one is...
 Block count: 1651
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Bat Statue

A small bat, but massive wings. you just need to build this statue high above - it's shado...
 Block count: 912
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Rabbit Statue

Those creepy red eyes - when you start building it, choose different colour for eyes, just...
 Block count: 427
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Sheep Statue

You thought you'd find a white sheep on this page right? Oh, wait, you see the screenshot...
 Block count: 1944
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Horse Statue

Very statue-like horse standing in the picture... It kinda looks nosy too with it's nose u...
 Block count: 2608
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