Owl Statue

An owl! A sign for wisdom and knowledge. It can also offer inspiration for those who need ...
 Block count: 176
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Small Cow Statue

This is a baby cow, why a baby? Because it is adorable, small and very artistic. This cow ...
 Block count: 56
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Squid Statue

I fell for a Squid ... this is just stupidly adorable. The tiny squid legs are so cute, th...
 Block count: 60
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Small Chicken Statue

Woooah, Chicken statue ... who on earth thought of that? But ... It is adorable. It is suc...
 Block count: 51
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Old Depiction of the Earth

Do You remeber all of the wonderful ideas what the earth looks like? I am absolutely sure ...
 Block count: 4300
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Forest Giant

If You want to make Your forest more interesting and maybe even famous then I am pretty su...
 Block count: 984
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Ancient Giant Tortoise

What is it about old statues that are so relaxing and calming? This Tortoise here is so cu...
 Block count: 1524
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"Rudolf the red nose reindeeeer...." Yeah, we all know that song. But this Rudolf here unf...
 Block count: 58
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Christmas Reindeer

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! And this reindeer knows exactly what's goi...
 Block count: 58
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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

How do You fellows feel about reindeers? When I was smaller I really felt sorry for Rudolp...
 Block count: 43
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Reindeer Pose

Will it be real Christmas without a reindeer? I don't think so. Therefore take this wonder...
 Block count: 61
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Reindeer Eating

Eating reindeer, now I Know Christmas is near! Few weeks to go and it is holidays but in t...
 Block count: 48
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Baby Reindeer

Let's just take a moment to watch this. An adorable baby reindeer has been born and wants ...
 Block count: 26
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Nightwing Dragon

Who's that creature? It's supposed to be a dragon but looks more like an enormous bird or ...
 Block count: 605
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Fighting Dragon

Love fictional animals? You're a big fan of dragons? Welcome, buddy, You've come to the ve...
 Block count: 2652
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Dragon with Fire

Isn't that fierce!? Dragon that is erupting fire- haven't seen a build that awesome for a ...
 Block count: 3320
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