Working Mechanisms



Thanks Psykoschlumpf for another amazing build! As a part of Medieval Siege Engines Bundle...
 Block count: 322
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Roman Wooden Crane

Hah, that is sooo cool! Pretty unbelievable that once the cranes were made of wood. Look h...
 Block count: 96
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Small Harbour Crane

Harbours can't just consist of boats and containers. As an important part You've got to ha...
 Block count: 84
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Kanos Harbour Crane

Your harbor needs a little update? And You're thinking about going big this time? Nice! I'...
 Block count: 676
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Modern Wind Turbine

If being sustainable is important to You then welcome, my friend! Here's a modern wind tur...
 Block count: 825
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Steampunk Crane

Not a typical crane but a steampunk crane, ladies and gentleman! Add this to Your medieval...
 Block count: 622
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Wooden Crane

In need of a little help in lifting things from one place to another? You better check thi...
 Block count: 218
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I have no idea if, when and how You're going to catch some reaaaally bad criminals in Mine...
 Block count: 63
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Automatic Melon and Pumpkin Farm

An easy to build but surprisingly awesome model is right in front of You! If You love Hall...
 Block count: 482
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Tree Sapling Farm

It's time to try something completely out of box. Have You ever built a farm? I'm pretty s...
 Block count: 1215
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3x3 Spiral Door

A door doesn't have to be just a door. I know that simple can be cool but much more aweso...
 Block count: 193
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I am afraid of the death, and this guillotine is creeping me out, maybe it would be awesom...
 Block count: 134
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Electric Chair

I have no idea why somebody would need this, but here it is - an electric chair. Hopefull...
 Block count: 136
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Automatic Mushroom Farm

I like mushrooms, they just look pretty cool, especially the red and white ones. This here...
 Block count: 331
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Automatic Melon Farm

My favorite fruit is melon, therefore this here is my favorite farm! A farm for growing to...
 Block count: 186
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Cow Farm & Grill

If You like meat then You are in right place. This machine here is going to breed cows and...
 Block count: 67
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