Land Rover

I have a little secret to tell You guys ... I love Land Rovers, who doesn't right? Well th...
 Block count: 76
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Double Decker Bus

A classic staple to the English culture is a double-decker bus. This build, in particular,...
 Block count: 280
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Bell Model 47

This small aircraft could be the one to carry you soaring thru the wide and open sky with ...
 Block count: 129
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Police Cruiser

Ever since I was a kid, I've dremed of becoming a police officer and driving around the ci...
 Block count: 68
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1933 Austin Bantam

You know when this car came out, people went crazy about it! It was the most beautiful and...
 Block count: 64
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Standard School Bus

Well, what do we have here. A bus that 50% of students hate , or even more. But You know w...
 Block count: 136
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Race Car Base

Yes, now this is pretty cool. If You are thinking about building a true race car, a car th...
 Block count: 55
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Republic ARC-170 Starfighter

Well this is really unique starfighter to own really. It looks like a colorful spider and ...
 Block count: 753
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Vought V-173 Flying Pancake

Now that is a very unique name for a plane ... a flying pancake. That makes me a little bi...
 Block count: 101
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Beechcraft Premier 1

How about owning a private jet? I am sure it is a dream that a lot of people have but stil...
 Block count: 120
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Grumman F6F Hellcat

If You are a fan of planes then I am so happy You found the F6F Hellcat here. Isn't it gor...
 Block count: 104
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Republic ETA-2 Interceptor

No one is allowed to say that this spaceship here is boring or something beause it looks a...
 Block count: 182
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Saiman 202

A plane that was almost 20 years in service. These are pretty good numbers, don't You thin...
 Block count: 93
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Kawasaki Ki-45

May, 1941 ... the day that the first Kawasaki felt the air on its wings. Now the time has ...
 Block count: 141
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Government Vehicle

I wonder if usual people who work in a bank or somewhere like this can drive around with t...
 Block count: 87
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Town Car

Oh now this is an amazing town car. Usually cars like this take a lot of fuel but it is wo...
 Block count: 87
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