Marvel Comics Hulk

Dr. Bruce Banner, is that You? You look amazing! The Hulk You see here is actually pretty ...
 Block count: 527
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"It's not who I am underneath but what I do defines me"- who could ever forget those wise ...
 Block count: 674
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Darth Vader

Do You like Star Wars? Cause if You do then here is a huge Darth Vader for You. And if I s...
 Block count: 1459
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Hulk Pixel Art

Ooh, I can almost feel the power of Hulk's muscles just by looking at his statue... Kinda ...
 Block count: 327
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Flash Pixel Art

This cute 8-bit Flash statue is looking pretty mean, to be honest. His white eyes are cre...
 Block count: 333
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Iron Man Pixel Art

Say hi to Your soon-to-be favourite 8-bit character- the Iron Man! You must admit, that he...
 Block count: 339
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Bat-Man Pixel Art

This BatMan here doesn't look like the original BatMan. He doesn't stand like a statue, bu...
 Block count: 384
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Superman Pixel Art

This is the cutest Superman I have ever seen. This statue is more like pixel art, so that ...
 Block count: 354
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