Rebellion CR-90 Corvette

This vessel here is just huge! Can You imagine it was able to fit around 165 crew members ...
 Block count: 20730
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Republic ARC-170 Starfighter

Well this is really unique starfighter to own really. It looks like a colorful spider and ...
 Block count: 753
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Republic ETA-2 Interceptor

No one is allowed to say that this spaceship here is boring or something beause it looks a...
 Block count: 182
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Republic Delta 7 Interceptor

One pilot and the dual laser cannons. That pilot is a lucky one, because imagine being abl...
 Block count: 256
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Empire Lambda Class Shuttle 2

If You'd see a spaceship like this in Your possessions, what would You do? A good idea wou...
 Block count: 2976
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Rebellion T-47 Snowspeeder

Well this is a really interesting vehicle. A low-altitude fighter that can make it through...
 Block count: 372
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Empire Lambda Class Shuttle

Six crew members, three wings and enormous power to carry a lot of soldiers and a heavy lo...
 Block count: 3550
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Republic LAAT 2

This LAAT 2 here is just pure engineering miracle. Strting from the very first second You ...
 Block count: 3038
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Republic Low Altitude Assault Transport LAAT

Low assault transportation is a must have, really. I mean how can You transport different ...
 Block count: 1915
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Rebellion X-Wing

All purpose starfighter ... these are rare to see. Well Starfighters can do everything if ...
 Block count: 490
Details Blueprints

Republic Low Altitude Assault Transport

Okay this is the vehicle if You need something for transportation and from time to time of...
 Block count: 1613
Details Blueprints

CIS Firespray-31

Unique, beautiful and very colorful Spaceship is what we have here. It should be called th...
 Block count: 1366
Details Blueprints

Empire TIE Advanced X1

That is really realistic ... it looks like the real thing really - the grey and black colo...
 Block count: 568
Details Blueprints

Republic Naboo N1 Starfighter

Now this is seriously sleek and smooth looking starfighter. The yellow colors are looking ...
 Block count: 293
Details Blueprints

Empire TIE LN Starfighter

Can You count how many weapons and cannons this starfighet here has? Well the anwser is a ...
 Block count: 425
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Republic V-Wing

We can say that thos V-Wing here is kind of transparent because when You read the instruct...
 Block count: 322
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