Small Medieval Fountain

Looking for a simple way to decorate the town? This small medieval fountain is just made f...
 Block count: 168
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Palm Tree

What's a beach without palm trees? Well, a boring beach I must say haha! Palm trees make e...
 Block count: 38
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Fountain on 3 Levels

We have blueprints for fountains, You may say. We also have blueprints for fountains on tw...
 Block count: 1131
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Medieval Well

This is a small well to place in Your garden. I especially like that the well is made of m...
 Block count: 243
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Swimming Pool on 2 levels

This two-leveled swimming pool for Minecraft is perfect for families with kids. While kids...
 Block count: 4100
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If You are building Yourself a house or decorating Your garden in Minecraft, then maybe Yo...
 Block count: 365
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