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Author: orpheus
Block count: 781
Views: 6898

Is it just me or Ents are rather popular these days? Well I can see why. Just look how cool it looks like and a little bit scary too. I mean imagine seeing an Ent like this in the middle of the Jungle when You are just trying to look for Blu and Jewel ... I'd run straight back home. But if You are brave and love Ents then I guess this one here is perfect, huh? So just check out the blueprints below and build it :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Jungle Wood 326
Jungle Leaves 243
Vines 181
Spruce Wood Stairs 14
Skill level 1
Object added 13 Nov 2017
Width 20
Height 31
Depth 14
Tags jungle tree, jungle ent, fictional, fictional animal
Block Count 781
Object materials
Jungle Wood (only bark) 326
Jungle Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 156
Jungle Leaves (No Decay) 87
Vines (North) 69
Vines (South) 53
Vines (West) 34
Vines (East) 22
Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom) 12
Spruce Wood Slab (Upper) 5
Spruce Wood Stairs (East, Upside-down) 3
Vines () 3
Spruce Wood Stairs (South, Upside-down) 2
Spruce Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 2
Spruce Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 2
Spruce Wood Stairs (North, Normal) 2
Spruce Wood Stairs (West, Upside-down) 1
Spruce Wood Stairs (South, Normal) 1
Spruce Wood Stairs (North, Upside-down) 1
"I want download schématic please" -  UraNium
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2018-01-02 03:58:28 UraNium

I want download schématic please