Ghost Robo

Every time I hear someone saying "Look, a ghost!" I just freak out! Ghosts are just so awf...
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iPhone 6

Apple products never get out of style! Remember the time iPhone 6 was released? I don't kn...
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Cat Emoji

Purr-purr... Some of us hate cats, but I'm a big fan of them. I'm sure this smiling Cat Em...
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Playstation Controller

This Playstation Controller Statue looks so massive in here! But let's be honest- it looks...
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Rage Face

Ever got upset by not managing to build Your favourite statue or not understanding the blu...
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Just WOW! This trollface looks exactly like the real one! If You're the trolling-kind-of-p...
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Grinning Emoji

Big smile, shiny teeth and sparkly eyes- I'm sure this Grinning Emoji is one of the most u...
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Panda Emoji

Look how lovely he is! Pandas are one of the cutest animals on Planet Earth and not having...
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Laughing Crying Emoji

Oh, so many mixed feelings! Is this emoji crying or is it laughing? Or... both? Yeap, this...
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Sunglasses Emoji

I present You the Sunglasses Emoji! It's hanging out everywhere- in MSN messenger, Faceboo...
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Ghost Emoji

Boooo! It's a ghost! Don't You think it looks scary and a bit funny at the same time? Well...
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Me Gusta Face

Me Gusta! Isn't this one of the most popular memes now? Can You imagine this statue in Yo...
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Poop Emoji

Well... Uum... I don't even know what to say about this statue... It's a statue of a poop,...
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