Giant Coffee Cup

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Author: spumwack
Block count: 3878
Views: 2793

All of You who need coffee in the morning before talking to somebody, this should be heaven for You! A giant coffee cup filled with hot magic. Every day when You log into Your Minecraft world You can just sit and admire Your coffee cup because have You ever seen so big cup - I mean it is HUGE! There's not enough words for this - it looks pretty realistic and it even has a cute handle. Go ahead and build this giant coffee cup while actually enjoying coffee... This reminds me I need to fill mine :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Snow Block 3151
Brown Stained Clay 727
Skill level 3
Object added 09 Nov 2015
Width 42
Height 29
Depth 31
Tags statue, coffee, giant
Block Count 3878
Object materials
Snow Block 3151
Brown Stained Clay 727
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42 Blocks

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