Medieval Houses


Large Medieval Town House 4

If all houses in the Medieval town were that beautiful then I can imagine how beautiful th...
 Block count: 3004
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Shady Medieval House 3

Yeah this really is a shady house, it feels like it is a home to few ghost and maybe some ...
 Block count: 2455
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Hod and Gerdur's House

Hod and Gerdur's house is a house You can not miss because it is huge! It is one of the bi...
 Block count: 1392
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Scandinavian Shop 2

This cute little village shop features 2 stories and a counter right as you step in the do...
 Block count: 1228
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Scandinavian Longhouse

A perfect Longhouse for all those Scandinavian house lovers. I get why people love these h...
 Block count: 995
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Scandinavian House 6

What do You think of Scandinavian houses -the brown colors, warm rooms and walls full of b...
 Block count: 1152
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Scandinavian Shop 1

This shop looks like fun, it is very cozy and homey looking but at the same time it is a t...
 Block count: 858
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Scandinavian House 5

Scandinavian houses always look amazing, for some reason they are all very warm, homey and...
 Block count: 948
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Riverwood Trader

Riverwood trader is a pretty impressive place if You can find it. You might need a map to ...
 Block count: 1155
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Reinhart Florist

This is something incredible ... I don't think there are enough words to say how beautiful...
 Block count: 3756
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Large Medieval Town House 5

Yes, this house is indeed large , huge even. But it looks really fancy and elegant, right?...
 Block count: 2813
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Slavic Medieval House 2

Slavic Medieval house that would look really good in a farm. Why? Well, it has hay bales, ...
 Block count: 627
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Slavic Medieval House 1

Do You know that hay bales are seriously warm? If You are really cold then a good hay bale...
 Block count: 421
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Scandinavian House 4

Oh this house here is built for a lot of people! Why? Well yes it isn't very big, or has a...
 Block count: 835
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Shady Medieval House 7

I can tell why it is called a shady Medieval house, because it is creepy and a little bit ...
 Block count: 2080
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Reinhart House 1

This is like a half way to modern house. It is absolutely beautiful and really unique. Wha...
 Block count: 3390
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