Hot Tub

This was the thing that was missing from my house. A working hot tub - it feels like Chris...
 Block count: 350
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Firework Battery

Who needs New Year's Eve or 4th of July celebration when You've got a firework battery!? B...
 Block count: 31
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Changeable Staircase

Now these stairs are really cool, they kind of remind me of the stairs from the 'Harry Pot...
 Block count: 193
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Togglable Fireplace

Mmm... warm and cozy fireplace is all You need after a crazy building day in Your Minecraf...
 Block count: 207
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Trampoline Castle

This is soooo awesome - I'd like to jump on that trampoline. Well, actually I did, because...
 Block count: 390
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Trading Post

This is a trading system that actually works! So go mining, dig Yourself a couple of emera...
 Block count: 62
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