Small Modern Luxury Hotel

Well ... this luxury hotel looks amazing. Just look how modern and beautiful it is, I love...
 Block count: 7185
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Small Modern Bed and Breakfast

If You think of any Bed and Breakfast places You've been, does any of them remind somethin...
 Block count: 1483
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Futuristic Modern Underwater Hotel

Do You know that there are already hotels that are underwater? But this one here is seriou...
 Block count: 13214
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Modern City Hotel

Now this hotel here is really modern. It is huge and the design is just amazing, don't You...
 Block count: 12675
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Hotel & Spa Complex

Wooop, finally something luxurious and classy. A whole hotel & spa complex is right here i...
 Block count: 26360
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Hotel Chapo

Hotel Chapo and Hotel Chapi are models that have to exist together. There's just no other ...
 Block count: 5760
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Hotel Chapi

Rigolo is an amazing minecrafter. Look what he has done! This model's one of two gorgeous ...
 Block count: 5171
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Countryside Hotel

I have never been to a hotel before, pretty sad right? But that doesn't mean I don't know ...
 Block count: 14199
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Modern Hotel 2

This 8-floor modern hotel is very elegant from the outside, glass giving it a curvy and a ...
 Block count: 15230
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Modern Hotel

Are You ready for a new challenge? I hope You are, because I've got something great for Yo...
 Block count: 2504
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