Wither House

Now this is a house I have never seen before - The Wither house. It is looking pretty co...
 Block count: 965
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Moose Survival House

A survival house that looks like moose? Why not! Boring designs never do anything to compl...
 Block count: 1239
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Ender Dragon Skull Survival House

This is absolutely amazing! Look at the floor - lava covered with glass. That gives this h...
 Block count: 3035
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Spongebob's House

A house made of a pineapple? Hah, are You kidding me? Well, it doesn't seem like a joke to...
 Block count: 1128
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The Family Guy House

The Family Guy cartoon is timeless and their jokes are priceless! If You like Peter and al...
 Block count: 7706
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The Simpsons House

Already have the statues of all the Simpson family members? Now it's time for some serious...
 Block count: 8238
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Nether Portal Room

Build all the Portal Rooms! Build an End Portal Room, but don't forget the Nether Portal R...
 Block count: 427
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End Portal Room

Looks like You don't have an End Portal Room yet, otherwise You wouldn't be here. At least...
 Block count: 588
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Krusty Krab

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Yes, it's Spongebob! And as You know he loves to e...
 Block count: 2562
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Tardis Statue

We have amazing plans for Your Minecraft world, I present You - the Doctor Who time machi...
 Block count: 4724
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