Working Castle Gate

If You own a castle or a huge house and You want it secured, then this gate is perfect for...
 Block count: 496
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Small Brick Castle

This is a small castle that actually is bigger than it looks from the outside. It provides...
 Block count: 604
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Medieval Bastion

Mothers always tell us to try harder even if we're too lazy for that. Don't just minecraft...
 Block count: 612
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Fantasy World Small Castle

This is amazing! Now this castle here is innovative for sure, just look how detailed and u...
 Block count: 1104
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Small Castle

Every time I hear a word castle I am automatically thinking about the Castle, the TV-serie...
 Block count: 1404
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Small Medieval Church 1

Don't You think that every town or a village should have a small Church, where people can ...
 Block count: 1454
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Small Fantasy Castle

A regular medieval castle sounds pretty boring, right? So here's something with a little t...
 Block count: 1717
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Mini Castle

Well this is cute, a mini castle. I wonder if it is meant for Hobbits or dwarfs? That woul...
 Block count: 1769
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Medium Castle

Now this is a modern castle! In fact, this is the first castle I have seen with 3x5 glass ...
 Block count: 2500
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Feudal Japanese Tower Castle

Tower castle ... does that mean I could live in there? Well then, the top floor is mine .....
 Block count: 2560
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Medieval Small Castle

Here is a little secret for You ... I love castles that are so well designed and detailed ...
 Block count: 3281
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Arabic Desert Castle

If you have seen Aladdin, then You must know that all the amazing action takes place in so...
 Block count: 3445
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Age Of Empires Asian Castle

My long life dream is to own a castle, a big castle with many rooms, a lot of food and a g...
 Block count: 4038
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Bergfried Defensive Keep

Oh this keep here is huge and it looks so well protected too! To be honest if I were there...
 Block count: 4505
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Medieval Keep/Castle

You're currently looking at one of the most amazing Minecraft castles in history! Big, med...
 Block count: 5213
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Medieval Throne Hall

Wanna know how being the king of the castle really feels like? Get Yourself a throne hall,...
 Block count: 6518
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