1933 Austin Bantam

You know when this car came out, people went crazy about it! It was the most beautiful and...
 Block count: 64
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Race Car Base

Yes, now this is pretty cool. If You are thinking about building a true race car, a car th...
 Block count: 55
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Government Vehicle

I wonder if usual people who work in a bank or somewhere like this can drive around with t...
 Block count: 87
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Town Car

Oh now this is an amazing town car. Usually cars like this take a lot of fuel but it is wo...
 Block count: 87
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Simple Pickup Truck

Yep. You read it right. It's is truly a simple pickup truck and the design of this model c...
 Block count: 61
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Sport Motorcycle

It's pretty hard to make a motorcycle in Minecraft that actually looks like a real thing. ...
 Block count: 12
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Small Blue Pickup

Why go with a black or white truck if You can choose a brighter color? This pickup comes i...
 Block count: 92
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Pickup Truck & Boat Trailer

Do You know how cool is to see vehicles like this in the summer driving around? I am alway...
 Block count: 240
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Bronco and Camping Trailer

I hear You humming a road trip song already... Yeah, that's the reaction when You see such...
 Block count: 191
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Simple Yellow Family Car

Aren't family cars pretty? I mean I am used that they are rather big and spacious, so that...
 Block count: 81
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White Family Car

A family car in this color isn't the most common thing to see. I can see why is it like th...
 Block count: 62
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Yellow Formula 1 Car

How amazing would it be if You would have a whole collection of Formula cars in Your own b...
 Block count: 33
Details Blueprints

Off Road Jeep

To have some fun and ride off road You don't really need something spectacular. You'll fee...
 Block count: 63
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Small Family Car

That suburban area with tons of houses looks pretty boring without any smaller details, do...
 Block count: 69
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White Station Wagon

So, here is a car with a longer body than usual plus it should have an extra door at the r...
 Block count: 85
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Small White Family Car

I guess any family could be pretty happy to give this car to one of their children as a pr...
 Block count: 77
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