Medieval Bar

In the Middle Ages, people didn't had the chance to choose between hundreds of bars in the...
 Block count: 2765
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Starbucks 1

I'm always thinking to myself why do everybody love this coffee shop soooo much!? When tim...
 Block count: 11110
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Tiki Bar

 Block count: 466
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Medieval Pub

Have You ever been to a pub before? It is a good place to go hang out with Your friends, t...
 Block count: 992
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Now this is what I am talking about. A Starbucks in Minecraft - things are getting more an...
 Block count: 2091
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Starbucks Classic

We all know the answer to a question "Where can I get the best coffee in town?"Ofcourse - ...
 Block count: 1508
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Starbucks Modern

An amazingly well built Starbucks Café! It's interior is very well thought through and it ...
 Block count: 778
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