Big Old Stone Bridge

"May the bridges I burn light the way" as some wise man once said. No need to set somethin...
 Block count: 2499
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Cable Stayed Bridge

Found Yourself building too many walls and not enough of bridges? Good that You noticed. B...
 Block count: 2197
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Small Fantasy Bridge

This is the coolest bridge I have ever seen. Just look how detailed and unique it looks, I...
 Block count: 1159
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Gothic Bridge

To be honest bridges are the most important things if You have rivers in Your Minecraft, a...
 Block count: 678
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Medieval Bridge

I love water, I think I was a fish in my previous life and this is why I like bridges, the...
 Block count: 868
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Small Bridge

Need to get from one side of the river to another but want to keep it as smooth as possibl...
 Block count: 252
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Orc Style Bridge

Doesn't this bridge look cool? I have never seen a bridge like that, so it is pretty uniqu...
 Block count: 276
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Medieval House Connecting Bridge

Look at this gorgeous medieval bridge. This is like a dream come true to me because I hav...
 Block count: 585
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Medieval Gate Bridge With Towers

When building a bridge, don't stick to simple Minecraft constructions. Get out of Your com...
 Block count: 17923
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Small Bridge on Stilts

A bridge on stilts may sound a bit extraordinary, but it actually looks really nice. This ...
 Block count: 1116
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