X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars)

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Author: Rannalt
Block count: 528
Views: 3866

For me it seems like Star Wars has an endless amount of fighters because there truly are so many of them! The X-Wing Fighter is another incredible model that You could try out all by Yourself. One thing's for sure- You won't get bored while building it. It's a bit of a challenge but at the same time exciting because maaan, it's Star Wars!
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Blocks you'll need:

Iron Block 205
Stone Bricks 111
Stone Slab 57
Stone Button 38
Red Wool 35
Double Stone Slab 25
Glass 21
Furnace 17
Iron Bars 9
Quartz Stairs 5
Lever 3
Blue Wool 1
Dispenser 1
View Other Materials 5
Skill level 1
Object added 09 Dec 2015
Width 25
Height 8
Depth 26
Tags star wars, transportation, movies, x-wing fighter, star wars, x-wing fighter
Block Count 528
Object materials
Iron Block 205
Stone Bricks 111
Stone Slab 48
Red Wool 35
Double Stone Slab 25
Stone Button (Facing East, Inactive) 22
Glass 21
Stone Button (Facing West, Inactive) 16
Furnace (Facing West) 9
Stone Slab (Upper) 9
Iron Bars 9
Furnace (Facing East) 8
Quartz Stairs (East, Normal) 3
Quartz Stairs (West, Normal) 2
Lever (On Block Side Facing West, Not Active) 1
Lever (On Block Side Facing South, Active) 1
Blue Wool 1
Dispenser (Facing East, Unactive) 1
Lever (On Block Side Facing North, Active) 1
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