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Author: leveltion
Block count: 1556
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What do You think of trees? Especially Willow trees, aren't they pretty? I love how unique and different they are, just look at those falling branches, it would be perfect to build and hide a little hut inside there, don't You think so? Little bit childhood inside the willow tree ... but anyway if You want to build it then find a perfect place for it because it is huge and too beautiful to be hidden away somewhere and then just start building it. Good Luck!
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Blocks you'll need:

Birch Leaves 926
Vines 364
Oak Wood 266
Skill level 2
Object added 20 Sep 2016
Width 18
Height 27
Depth 20
Tags willow, willow tree, natural, natural looking tree
Block Count 1556
Object materials
Birch Leaves 818
Oak Wood (only bark) 266
Vines (North) 123
Vines (West) 120
Birch Leaves (No Decay) 103
Vines (South) 60
Vines (East) 46
Vines () 8
Birch Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 5
Vines (South & East) 5
Vines (multiple sides 4) 1
Vines (Above) 1
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