US Military Transport Helicopter

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Author: SkillySer
Block count: 244
Views: 590

I wonder what military helicopters transport? Yeah weapons, soldiers and a lot of food maybe but is that all? I bet there are some secrets they are not telling us ... or at least I like to think so because secrets are cool, right? It is fun to wonder like that. Plur lives need to be as cool as possible. So what do You think of this helicopter? The grey colors and that simple design? It sure looks strong and perfect for a Military.
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Blocks you'll need:

Light Gray Wool 111
Stone Slab 87
Gray Wool 29
Nether Brick Stairs 8
Black Stained Glass 5
Iron Bars 2
Anvil 1
End Rod 1
View Other Materials 2
Skill level 1
Object added 04 May 2017
Width 15
Height 9
Depth 27
Tags us military, military, transportation, transport helicopter, helicopter
Block Count 244
Object materials
Light Gray Wool 111
Stone Slab 44
Stone Slab (Upper) 43
Gray Wool 29
Black Stained Glass 5
Nether Brick Stairs (North, Normal) 5
Nether Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 3
Iron Bars 2
Anvil (West/East) 1
End Rod (Facing East) 1
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