Thin Spruce Tree 3

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Author: leveltion
Block count: 313
Views: 540

Ever seen a spurce tree before? Well, this one right here is a very shabby version of it. But if You take good care of it, I mean watering it daily and reading bedtime story then maybe it'll start to take another shape.... A better one. But most probably it would stay the same no matter what. Just give it a chance to be the shabbiest tree in the garden! It deserves to be special.
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Blocks you'll need:

Spruce Leaves 214
Spruce Wood 99
Skill level 1
Object added 19 Sep 2016
Width 6
Height 30
Depth 6
Tags spruce, spruce tree, natural, natural looking tree
Block Count 313
Object materials
Spruce Leaves (No Decay) 200
Spruce Wood (only bark) 99
Spruce Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 14
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6 Blocks

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